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Get in Front of the Camera

As I stay up to date on my social media education I keep seeing reports, blogs, and infographics about the latest social media trends; what users are using, what they are engaging with, what are the best tools to increase engagement and sales. It is always a lot to take in, but the one constant across the board I’ve seen in everything I’ve read for the past 18 months has been VIDEO!

Video is the tool being used for those who are successfully growing their engagement and increasing sales. Video is the tool more platforms are embracing—LinkedIn just launched the use of native video this past week! Even Google Earth is using video so people can watch wildlife in real time! Live video, to be more specific, is really taking the world by storm and as more and more people get comfortable being in front of that camera, the use of live will increase exponentially in creative uses.

Stop it! And Just Do It!

But, Steph, I hate the camera. I’m afraid of messing up. I want it to be perfect. I don’t have the right equipment.

In the words of a classic Bob Newhart comedy sketch: Stop it! Video, especially live, doesn’t have to be perfect! You do not need a team of makeup artists, hairstylists or lighting experts around you in order to turn that camera on and get in front of it. You don’t need a script, or fancy mics, or softbox lighting. Get outside, stand near a window, turn on the lights and just BE YOURSELF!

The reason video is so popular is because at this stage of the game, it is relatable. People, especially fans and potential customers, can get to know the real you and relate to your personality and passion in a way no other form of marketing can! Your audience can see your smile. They can hear your passion. They can laugh at your humor or sympathize with a heartfelt plea. In an age where consumers are reduced to a mere number, pressing 1 for English and rarely speaking to a human at a place of business, video right now gives you an edge to make your customer’s journey memorable with your business. The fact that you are not recording a professional, edited video makes you believable.

How to use Facebook Live

  • Go live to tell fans about a new blog, service, product or event. Go live to discuss one aspect of a blog post more in-depth. Either way, always include a Call to Action and tell viewers where to visit, register, or buy or connect with you.

  • Use it when you are at an event or when you are collaborating with another business.

  • Use it to conduct interviews.

  • Use it to show your fans a behind-the-scenes look at your business. People LOVE to feel they are privy to exclusive information!

There really are hundreds of ways to use Facebook Live in your business. In fact, here’s a list of 6 ways to use Facebook Live from Social Media Examiner

Some Tips on Going Live

Now, Facebook Live is leading the pack of this live video trend (sorry, Periscope) and while I am all for turning on that camera and pressing record without hesitation, there are some things you can do before, during, and after a live broadcast that can take advantage of the response FB Live gets, and further your marketing efforts. I’ve created a free checklist to follow to help you maximize your bravery and your Facebook Live broadcasts. Download before your next live, but here’s a basic overview:


Post promotions to fans telling them when you’ll be going Live and what they can expect to get out of joining in. (Always tell them Whats In It For Them)


Broadcast at least 15 minutes and take time in the beginning to greet viewers and give others the chance to join before you jump into your content. Engage with viewers as much as you can during broadcast.


Save the video and post on your page. Boost the video to similar audiences to gain new followers.

If you really want to be strategic in doing Facebook Live, lets chat. I help several of my clients use Facebook Live as a highly successful tactic to drive business to their websites and events, increase attendance in online classes, and increase sales. Email or hit me up on Facebook .

Happy Broadcasting!


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