• Steph Sides

A Fear of Launching

So it is time to walk my talk. You'll read in another blog how I tell my clients all the time that they need a website for their business, not just a Facebook business page. 6 months into the launch of my Social Chicy business and I have JUST launched my website.

Oh, I'm full of very good reasons (excuses) as to why I have waited so long to launch my site.

1-I'm training on social media, so my social media needed to be strong and set a good example.

2-I can't afford a web designer

3-Yes, I can design my own website, but I don't have time!

4-I'm my own worst critic

5-I suck at marketing my own biz (but I rock at marketing others!)

6-Fear. Plain old fear!

The list goes on and on.

But, the bottom line is this: In today's world, not having some kind of a website, gives the impression I lack professionalism, maybe it makes me a little less legit. Either way, I know I am not unprofessional and I am legit, and only I can control the message of my business. Plus, my Business Coach was gonna harp on this incomplete task and I don't want that!

So, I bit the bullet and put this little website together. And this is my first blog.

ACTION conquers fear. Launching this website erases aaallll those excuses I listed above. It is now the foundation on which I can really grow Social Chicy in 2017 because this site and my business will only get better.

I've launched and the world didn't fall apart and I'm not trending for something embarassing or horrible, which means all is ok! In fact, I've already received good feedback.

This wasn't SO bad!!!

Action conquers fear! I'd love to know what action you are taking to conquer your fears!


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